September 2023

First and foremost, we’d like to extend our sincerest appreciation to the households who generously contributed towards the painting of the wall. Thanks to your efforts, we’ve raised a remarkable $1,975. This has been achieved with just 40% of the households donating. Truly, every little bit counts! However, we’re still $1,500 short to comfortably cover the wall painting and the year’s expenses. We previously agreed upon a contribution of $150 per household to meet this goal. Just ten more households contributing would make all the difference. If you’re in a position to help, we’d be immensely grateful.

In administrative updates, we’re pleased to share that we’ve established new bank accounts and currently hold a balance of $5,423.79. The Board is steadfastly meeting to ensure we address all needs, especially concerning the wall’s upkeep. Do note, our monthly expenses to ensure that the grass remains manicured and the street light remains functional are $130.

For clarity, we want to remind everyone that our Board’s primary objective is straightforward: maintain the grass, ensure the street light functions, and uphold the wall’s integrity. Participation in our Association is completely voluntary, but the annual dues of $100 (a figure which stands among the lowest in the state) are crucial to our efforts. We don’t engage in imposing deed restrictions or any other protocols that some might find burdensome. Many of you were drawn to our lovely neighborhood because of this simplicity, and we rely on the dues to preserve its charm.

Lastly, a brief note on communication: we’ve opted to mail letters via USPS rather than placing them directly in mailboxes. It’s essential to know that tampering with mailboxes is a federal crime. Only USPS personnel, when conducting official duties, or the resident are permitted to access mailboxes. Please respect this protocol and refrain from placing anything in another’s mailbox. Your understanding and adherence are crucial in this matter.